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Credit counseling and consumer credit repair aren’t just for people with bad credit scores or crushing credit card debt. Using a reputable credit repair service can help you get your FICO score into a higher range. That higher credit score can open doors into lower interest rates on your credit cards, higher credit allowances, and even get you a more favorable interest rate on that home loan which give you peace of mind and security.

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If you’re doing fine with your debt, you may wonder how a consumer credit counseling service can help you. After all, you’re making all of your payments on time, and you’re doing fine. What else can you do to improve your credit score? Our team of dedicated credit specialists can show you ways to improve your credit, from learning about your debt ratio, to tips on eliminating your credit card debt entirely. Improving your credit is a skill, and it’s one that is well worth mastering. If you’re interested in reaching the next level with your credit, contact us so we can help. There’s no reason to hold yourself back.


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  • positive review  When I was young I didn't think about how my credit would impact me later as an adult until recently. I had almost 13 accounts in collections, hard inquiries and derogatory remarks. It's been a few months now and more than half of my collection accounts have been removed! I'm so excited about this new start. I have a whole different outlook on credit now and I promise to use it a lot more wisely. I have already referred my sister to Cosmo and she excited about the results she is seeing so far as well. It brings joy to my heart when I open up my credit apps and see that my score went up or something got removed. Good luck to everyone on your journey to rebuilding your credit history! Thank you Cosmo Credit Repair for all your help!

    thumb Monica Blair

    5 star review  When I started working here my credit was shot! I immediately jumped into the program and all I can say is wow! My score jumped a ton just in the first month I was in the program! The methods and transparency that Cosmo has is unmatched!

    thumb Demetrius Chambers

    positive review  If you were never informed on financial wellness, Cosmo credit is really there for you. Not only have i got everything deleted my credit score has went up. I can finally start purchasing a home and breathe better being so financially stable. Thank you everyone at Cosmo!

    thumb Ladaidra Sebastian Elijah Moma
  • 5 star review  Cosmo is that diamond in the ruff for me for they have accomplished in my first round it’s truly a miracle they get 5+ rating for me!!!!!!!

    thumb Gerald Worsham

    5 star review  5 stars � I didn’t think I ever have a good credit score but Cosmo prove me wrong best choice I ever made �

    thumb Myke Winfield

    5 star review  I am so thankful for Cosmo! From Day 1 I have felt informed and guided through the process. It has been so smooth and easy to get my credit repaired! I was very nervous about hiring someone to help. Several I talked to told me that its all a scam or way too expensive to hire a company. Others said that I would be better off doing it on my own. After trying to do some on my own, I realized that I needed someone to help me, as I was literally getting no where!! After hiring Cosmo and the initial conversations that I had, I was immediately relived knowing they were going to help me. The knowledge they have of the credit reporting and regulations was exactly what I needed. Within a very short period, things were being deleted and removed one by one!!! I am just so thankful and grateful for finding Cosmo and the work they have done for me. Having great credit now gives me a freedom to know that when we go to buy our first house shortly, I will not be afraid for them to see my credit report. I can not say thank you enough!!

    thumb Summer Hill

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