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Credit counseling and consumer credit repair aren’t just for people with bad credit scores or crushing credit card debt. Using a reputable credit repair service can help you get your FICO score into a higher range. That higher credit score can open doors into lower interest rates on your credit cards, higher credit allowances, and even get you a more favorable interest rate on that home loan which give you peace of mind and security.

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If you’re doing fine with your debt, you may wonder how a consumer credit counseling service can help you. After all, you’re making all of your payments on time, and you’re doing fine. What else can you do to improve your credit score? Our team of dedicated credit specialists can show you ways to improve your credit, from learning about your debt ratio, to tips on eliminating your credit card debt entirely. Improving your credit is a skill, and it’s one that is well worth mastering. If you’re interested in reaching the next level with your credit, contact us so we can help. There’s no reason to hold yourself back.

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  • 5 star review  Not just bc i won the gift card bc they treat me like i friend ive been talking with jessica and shes amazing shes under standing i cant wait to see where where cosmo and i go much �

    thumb Amy Rapp

    5 star review  I started out with a 474 credit score (my lowest) and in a matter of a couple of months Gloria and her team got me 21 deletions and my score has jumped up to a 633 and we are still working! Cosmo Credit repair is the truth! I wouldn't trust anyone else!

    thumb Brooke Adkins

    5 star review  I started my journey with cosmo Credit Repair on 9/16/17 not even two full months ago and as of yesterday this is my updated report . Over half of the negative items that were reporting have been deleted. When I say cosmo is the truth that’s what I mean! And heck you don’t have to take my word for it the proof is as clear as day on my spreadsheet. I’ve gotten majority of my family to join the program and the ones that haven’t... what are you waiting for? Call cosmo today! I would not be telling you to call if they weren’t the best! Not to mention the credit consultants and the customer service department is the best! �

    thumb Brittney Lamb
  • 5 star review  I want to thank Gloria Urbina & The Cosmo Credit Repair Team for providing the the tools to get my credit back on track! I started at 400 & I'm �up 200 + Points � I've had a lot of deletions on my credit reports... Best experience ever ���Cosmo Credit Repair is an Amazing company... I will definitely refer more people over Gloria!! Thanks for all your hard work...

    thumb Erika D Hernandez

    positive review  I’ve been in the program for just a couple of months now and I have already had 67% of negative items deleted! I am sooooo happy and excited for these results and that’s just the first round! Thank you Jasmine for keeping me informed and on track.

    thumb Jaclyne Jimenez

    5 star review  There is not enough words to describe how satisfied I am with Cosmo Credit Repair and their excellent service!! A month ago my credit was horrible. I felt deprived and depressed. Without credit you have literally nothing and now I am excited and pleased with the amazing results!! Almost every collection on all 3 credit bureaus deleted! Thanks to Cosmo Credit Repair I am one step closer to my goals!! Highly recommend !!!

    thumb Martha Rodríguez

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