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Having better credit not only means approval it also means lower interest rates!

Improving your credit is a crucial step to speeding up the process of getting approved to buy your dream home, getting a lower interest rate, and more financing options. Many other benefits are all related to your credit score and this is why having the right partner is so important.


Credit repair is not impossible, however is a complex and tedious process that will consume a lot of your time. But even if you have the time, the lack of experience can also make it an impossible task. That’s what we are here for and why our customers love us.


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Cosmo Credit Repair is very knowledgeable in the home buyer’s process and can prepare you for purchasing your future home. With the Cosmo teams’ help, we will hold your hand every step of the way to make sure you make the best financial decision for you and your family.


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Facebook Reviews

  • 5 star review  I started this journey at the end of May and at first I was a little skeptical. But now I’m uber excited and dancing � � in my seat!! Talina has been working diligently disputing items and she has succeeded in getting over 70% of the items removed in only two months. �� I know we still have a ways to go but with these kind of results I’m glad I followed my first mind! Talina, thank you soooo much.

    thumb MissRisk Armstrong

    5 star review  I just got back some preliminary results. And they have done for me, what I have struggled to myself for the last three years! I was working under some assumptions and misconceptions about how credit works. Once I found out that after three years my credit didnt move at all, I gave them a call and I was really satisfied with the education they gave me UP FRONT about how credit works and what I had been doing wrong all along, all BEFORE I hired them. In this short amount of time of two months, they were able to have 2 huge items completely removed from all 3 bureau's amounting to 11,000$ with even more work to do on my behalf, I think using Cosmo CR will be of great value to anyone in need of credit repair. Because in the world we live in, your credit is everything,

    thumb Kevin Burgraff

    5 star review  I'm super thankful to Gloria at Cosmo Credit repair! Before I started the program, my credit was very low and I couldn't get approved for a single credit card! It was super embarrassing to get denied at multiple stores while trying to apply for a basic credit card. However, within few months my credit score greatly improved, Gloria was able to get rid of the negative things on my credit, thus helping raise my credit score and even qualifying me to get a credit card with a high credit limit! I am so excited to have my credit repaired! Thank you, Cosmo Credit Repair for helping me improve my credit! �

    thumb Katya Koshka
  • 5 star review  Cosmo is that diamond in the ruff for me for they have accomplished in my first round it’s truly a miracle they get 5+ rating for me!!!!!!!

    thumb Gerald Worsham

    positive review  All I have to say is AMAZING !!!! This company goes above and beyond for their customers, they did that for me ! I am blessed!!! KEEP IT UP COSMO CREDIT !!!

    thumb Elia Santana

    positive review  Professional team that gets results! I joined the program in October and I have been seeing my scores go up month after month! Thank you Cosmo!

    thumb Rahil Saha

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