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Having better credit not only means approval it also means lower interest rates!

Improving your credit is a crucial step to speeding up the process of getting approved to buy your dream home, getting a lower interest rate, and more financing options. Many other benefits are all related to your credit score and this is why having the right partner is so important.


Credit repair is not impossible, however is a complex and tedious process that will consume a lot of your time. But even if you have the time, the lack of experience can also make it an impossible task. That’s what we are here for and why our customers love us.


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Cosmo Credit Repair is very knowledgeable in the home buyer’s process and can prepare you for purchasing your future home. With the Cosmo teams’ help, we will hold your hand every step of the way to make sure you make the best financial decision for you and your family.


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Facebook Reviews

  • positive review  I have had a great experience with Cosmo credit repair in just the first round there were amazing results around 70% deletion better than we had expected Jasmine and dog has been so much help in making things easier for me since I'm not very technically inclined. I would definitely recommend them great customer service . well works the money ask for Jasmine or Doug thanks again

    Mark Buck Avatar Mark Buck
    April 25, 2019

    5 star review  Cosmo credit knows their stuff! They are not this fly by night credit repair company that will put negative items on hold for a few, but they will get it deleted for good! Trust me they are worth it! Give them a call, you won't be disappointed �

    Deonca Riko Jeffers Avatar Deonca Riko Jeffers
    January 11, 2018

    positive review  they say the best thing to do is move in silence. Thanks to Cosmo I am now able to get future on track the right way. more than half negative items were removed permanently not temporary.

    Teretia Wyllyamz Avatar Teretia Wyllyamz
    April 13, 2019
  • 1 star review  I will never use this people (COSMO CREDIT REPAIR) they took all our money for nothing. I only had medical bills. I paid close to 2,000 dollars to them now my credit is no good so what i paid for is for them to take your money plus they wanted more money every month. I referred them alot of my friends and family but we call them all back and told them NEVER TO USE THEM AT ALL! ALL THEY WANT IS TO TAKE YOUR MONEY 1,900 IS NOT MONEY PEOPLE CAN THROW AWAY. THEY GOT US MORE IN DEDIT THAT WE WERE IN!!!!

    Richard N Maria Salazar Avatar Richard N Maria Salazar
    March 5, 2018

    5 star review  I am so thankful for Cosmo! From Day 1 I have felt informed and guided through the process. It has been so smooth and easy to get my credit repaired! I was very nervous about hiring someone to help. Several I talked to told me that its all a scam or way too expensive to hire a company. Others said that I would be better off doing it on my own. After trying to do some on my own, I realized that I needed someone to help me, as I was literally getting no where!! After hiring Cosmo and the initial conversations that I had, I was immediately relived knowing they were going to help me. The knowledge they have of the credit reporting and regulations was exactly what I needed. Within a very short period, things were being deleted and removed one by one!!! I am just so thankful and grateful for finding Cosmo and the work they have done for me. Having great credit now gives me a freedom to know that when we go to buy our first house shortly, I will not be afraid for them to see my credit report. I can not say thank you enough!!

    Summer Hill Avatar Summer Hill
    March 4, 2017

    5 star review  Cosmo Credit Repair not only was able to get all my medical collections deleted just one month into the program but also is helping in building my credit!! They were able to help me get approved for my first credit card and have been there every step of the way for any questions advising me on my financial future. Thank you Cosmo!!!! �

    Anna Lourdes Avatar Anna Lourdes
    April 3, 2017

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