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Having better credit not only means approval it also means lower interest rates!

Improving your credit is a crucial step to speeding up the process of getting approved to buy your dream home, getting a lower interest rate, and more financing options. Many other benefits are all related to your credit score and this is why having the right partner is so important.


Credit repair is not impossible, however is a complex and tedious process that will consume a lot of your time. But even if you have the time, the lack of experience can also make it an impossible task. That’s what we are here for and why our customers love us.


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Cosmo Credit Repair is very knowledgeable in the home buyer’s process and can prepare you for purchasing your future home. With the Cosmo teams’ help, we will hold your hand every step of the way to make sure you make the best financial decision for you and your family.

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Facebook Reviews

  • 5 star review  I give Gloria, Niko, and Brittany a great round of applause on the amazing job they have done thus far on my credit for me. It has been a smooth process since day one. I love how they really get in to knowing they're Cosmo family and the needs that need fulfilling towards a great future for me and my family. Your crazy if you go anywhere else. Great job guys!!!!!!

    thumb Shuntae Cole

    5 star review  I am a first time user and I'm so excited and pleased about this service I can even imagine the outcome I'm thankful and will be sharing my new found Credit Experts with all my friends!!!!!

    thumb Averial Firstladylee Cleveland

    5 star review  Cosmo Credit Repair is the way of a new life. I'm looking forward to what this next chapter brings. Only a month in with Cosmo Credit and they've made more deletions in 30days, than the last Credit Repair company I used for years. Thanks Cosmo Credit Repair and Gloria for being efficient, helping me with this process to a new beginning.

    thumb Terrence C. Wortham-Pinkston
  • positive review  When I was young I didn't think about how my credit would impact me later as an adult until recently. I had almost 13 accounts in collections, hard inquiries and derogatory remarks. It's been a few months now and more than half of my collection accounts have been removed! I'm so excited about this new start. I have a whole different outlook on credit now and I promise to use it a lot more wisely. I have already referred my sister to Cosmo and she excited about the results she is seeing so far as well. It brings joy to my heart when I open up my credit apps and see that my score went up or something got removed. Good luck to everyone on your journey to rebuilding your credit history! Thank you Cosmo Credit Repair for all your help!

    thumb Monica Blair

    positive review  I have only been in the program a little over a month and I have seen a dramatic increase in my credit score almost a hundred points. This credit repair place is awesome I am so looking forward to my end results in this credit repair program

    thumb Rashanna Cameen Miller

    5 star review  I started out with a 474 credit score (my lowest) and in a matter of a couple of months Gloria and her team got me 21 deletions and my score has jumped up to a 633 and we are still working! Cosmo Credit repair is the truth! I wouldn't trust anyone else!

    thumb Brooke Adkins

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