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You might not realize it, but if you own a small business, your business has its own credit score as well. Unlike your FICO, your business’ score runs from 1 to 100. The better it is, the more easily you can secure credit. This credit can be in the form of small business loans or even a credit card in your company’s name.
That’s why it’s important your company’s credit score is in good shape. Not only will you find it easier to get credit, you’ll also get better terms and more favorable interest rates on the business credit you are able to secure.

What Do
I Do Now?

Remember that keeping your business credit in good shape is essential. However, things happen, when your bottom line gets stretched thin and you find yourself fighting to make ends meet. The temptation to overextend, especially on business credit, is tempting. That’s why sometimes even the savviest business owners need credit counseling for their small to mid-sized business. We have specialists that focus on helping owners with credit repair for their business so that the ledger at the end of the month doesn’t end up in the red. If a low business credit score is interfering with you securing a small business loan, let us help.

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  • 5 star review  Cosmo credit rocks!!!! I signed up just over a month a go and already tons of deletions on my report!! I'm so grateful, every time I text/call/ email Gloria she always responds and she was very consistent...I have told all my friends and family to sign up to get there credit fixed.. Thank you so much!!

    thumb Meme Jones

    5 star review  My First month into the program Cosmo has deleted all my negative things off my credit report but 2 items!! I love working with this team as they're always there when I have questions and keep me in the loop on what to expect next!!Thank you!!

    thumb Rashad Williams

    5 star review  I am so thankful for Cosmo! From Day 1 I have felt informed and guided through the process. It has been so smooth and easy to get my credit repaired! I was very nervous about hiring someone to help. Several I talked to told me that its all a scam or way too expensive to hire a company. Others said that I would be better off doing it on my own. After trying to do some on my own, I realized that I needed someone to help me, as I was literally getting no where!! After hiring Cosmo and the initial conversations that I had, I was immediately relived knowing they were going to help me. The knowledge they have of the credit reporting and regulations was exactly what I needed. Within a very short period, things were being deleted and removed one by one!!! I am just so thankful and grateful for finding Cosmo and the work they have done for me. Having great credit now gives me a freedom to know that when we go to buy our first house shortly, I will not be afraid for them to see my credit report. I can not say thank you enough!!

    thumb Summer Hill
  • 5 star review  Honestly, I was skeptical at first but I'm glad I decided to do this with Gloria. Process was seamless and easy. From our first initial consultation, every thing she mentioned that needs to be done, has been on point from the beginning to the end. I can't thank you enough Gloria, my credit jumped literally 150 points and still climbing! I highly recommend to my family and friends.

    thumb L.t. Tran

    5 star review  I cannot be more excited to get my credit report && see that Cosmo deleted 95% of accounts I had on my report for years!! I love how dedicated & professional the Cosmo Team is since the first day I enrolled!! This was a stress of mine for years then I finally gave in once I realized I could not do it on my own and trusted them to do their part. I honestly regret not using them sooner!! They did this all in just a few months!!! They have also taught me how to control my credit card usage as well something I never knew! I highly recommend this program to all my friends!!

    thumb Vanessa Mendoza

    5 star review  Thanks so much for my referral gift card, I received it today and also thanks for the letter. By the way it's been 2 years & 5 months since I have purchased my house with a 3.875%. I got new a car with zero percent interest. My credit is great & it all started with you in 2013 � Thanks for Repairing my past so that I can NOW Enjoy my future! � Thanks Gloria!

    thumb Clarice Whitaker

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