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Our program is based upon extensive research of current consumer credit laws, credit bureau tactics and we’ve helped tens of thousands of Americans correct and maintain healthy credit profiles.

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  • 5 star review  Cosmo Credit Repair not only was able to get all my medical collections deleted just one month into the program but also is helping in building my credit!! They were able to help me get approved for my first credit card and have been there every step of the way for any questions advising me on my financial future. Thank you Cosmo!!!! �

    thumb Anna Lourdes

    5 star review  This program is the real deal they don’t just take your money they actually give you results I’m so happy with how much they done in 3 months Gloria and her staff are very patient and helpful

    thumb Roger Hernandez

    positive review  I started with a low 500 score but after a year of working with cosmo credit diligently on my credit, my score is in the mid 700s!! Everyone is very knowledgeable and professional.

    thumb Camealle Cooper
  • 5 star review  I started this journey at the end of May and at first I was a little skeptical. But now I’m uber excited and dancing � � in my seat!! Talina has been working diligently disputing items and she has succeeded in getting over 70% of the items removed in only two months. �� I know we still have a ways to go but with these kind of results I’m glad I followed my first mind! Talina, thank you soooo much.

    thumb MissRisk Armstrong

    positive review  I have only been in the program a little over a month and I have seen a dramatic increase in my credit score almost a hundred points. This credit repair place is awesome I am so looking forward to my end results in this credit repair program

    thumb Rashanna Cameen Miller

    positive review  First let me start out being honest😞 My credit was in the 400 bad club when I started my journey with Cosmo Credit Repair last year around this time. My first GOAL was to get approved for a credit card now keep in mind I started out low so even a bind guy wouldn’t have approved me. 3 months into the program I now have a total of 2 credit cards “GOAL COMPLETE”‼️ NEXT GOAL I set was February 2018 I wanted to walk into a car dealership and get the car I deserved “GOAL COMPLETE”‼️ “y’all still with me” My scores went up 100 points within 4-6 months 🎉 I couldn’t believe it.... seriously finally a company that STAND BY their name and word.In a relationship parties sometimes get into lil misunderstandings which happened here recently. Gloria the owner of Cosmo Credit Repair contacted me personally fixed my issue, was very professional and sympathetic towards my needs and set yet a NEW GOAL “My HOUSE” not only did Gloria send superwomen vibes my way she displayed CONFIDENCE. She even offered to see me through the rest of the program FREE of charge😳. Somebody go tell your friends and family my story.... tell them to contact COSMO CREDIT REPAIR let them KNOW Trina Wilson said they just out changing LIVES 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    thumb Trina WilWil

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