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A better credit score not only means that you’ll get approved, it also means that you can get a better car for a lower monthly payment!


We are here to tell you that purchasing your dream can be financed with little to zero interest AND reasonable monthly payments is definitely in your near future! One of the first things that a bank will look at when determining whether to finance your car or not, is your credit. Things happen, we understand.

Credit card debt, student loans, divorce; all of these things take a toll on our lives and our credit. There’s no reason to let these hold you back from the car you need and want. Cosmo Credit Repair knows how to help you get back on track so you can get that car financed and in your driveway.

What Do

I Do Now?


With our help, you can get your credit on the mend. Our team of qualified credit specialists are here to help you. If your credit score needs improvement, we can get you on track to qualify for an auto loan with a very low interest rate. Don’t let your low credit score hold you back.


If you’re ready to improve your credit, contact us immediately. Don’t let anything hold you back from the car and life you deserve.


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Facebook Reviews

  • positive review  If in need of credit repair services Cosmo credit is highly recommended. The difference in my score took place almost immediately and reached primary goal within 90 days.... There are no hidden costs and they work with you financially...

    thumb Dalia Ant Cipriano

    5 star review  My only regret is that I didn’t do this any sooner

    thumb Charlie-Iris Lukacs

    5 star review  I want to thank Gloria Urbina & The Cosmo Credit Repair Team for providing the the tools to get my credit back on track! I started at 400 & I'm �up 200 + Points � I've had a lot of deletions on my credit reports... Best experience ever ���Cosmo Credit Repair is an Amazing company... I will definitely refer more people over Gloria!! Thanks for all your hard work...

    thumb Erika D Hernandez
  • 5 star review  I just got back some preliminary results. And they have done for me, what I have struggled to myself for the last three years! I was working under some assumptions and misconceptions about how credit works. Once I found out that after three years my credit didnt move at all, I gave them a call and I was really satisfied with the education they gave me UP FRONT about how credit works and what I had been doing wrong all along, all BEFORE I hired them. In this short amount of time of two months, they were able to have 2 huge items completely removed from all 3 bureau's amounting to 11,000$ with even more work to do on my behalf, I think using Cosmo CR will be of great value to anyone in need of credit repair. Because in the world we live in, your credit is everything,

    thumb Kevin Burgraff

    5 star review  My husband and I started our journey with Gloria and Cosmo Credit Repair 3/2017 with credit scores in the high 500. Within a couple of months we started to see deletions and our scores rising. By 9/2017 our scores were above 760. We purchased and closed on our new home 9/28/2017 with no money down. Bought a new truck 10/2017 with no money down and just this month last month, 2/2018, my husband was able to buy his Bass boat with no money down. You hear a lot of companies say they can help clean up your credit, we tried a couple of them with no significant changes to our credit however there were changes with our pocket, the cost. We have referred friends to Cosmo and will continue to so. WHAT A BLESSING THEY ARE!

    thumb Dona Bowman

    positive review  Cosmo was a really big help. Anytime I had questions they would get me everything I needed. Best decision I ever made

    thumb Daniel Craddock

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